Algar Tech

We are a company specialized in business processes.

We are Algar Tech

For 22 years we have been rethinking your customers’ experience and managing the technology environment with a single purpose: connecting people and organizations in a unique way to be the best partner for your best results.

We operate throughout Latin America, and our biggest differential is Our people! Here everyone feels at home. Our environment is COOL, our diversity is our seasoning and our knowledge is our strength.

Mission Mission
Our mission is connecting people and organizations in a unique way. We are the correct partner for who is looking for results, hence our commitment to transform the relationship between clients and companies through intelligent solutions.
Vision Vision
Our vision is a growth above the industry average, with digital transformation as a pillar, investment in innovative business models, and being recognized as the best option for customers and shareholders until 2022.
Values Values
  • Client our reason for existing*
  • Integrity
  • Valuing Human Talents
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Sustainability

Some Algar Tech numbers

The best customer service and the best results for your business.

  • <strong>11.500 employees</strong> in our team.
    11.500 employees in our team.
  • More than <strong>200customers</strong>
    More than 200customers
  • <strong>1 billion Brazilian Real</strong> in net revenue in 2018 (our best result)
    1 billion Brazilian Real in net revenue in 2018 (our best result)
  • Presence in more than 4 thousand cities - Brazil and LATAM
    Presence in more than 4 thousand cities - Brazil and LATAM

The Algar Group

We are part of the Algar Group, which is 90 years old and operates in the Technology Information and Communication (ICT), Entertainment and Agro. Some 19,000 associates – as employees are called – excel to win the trust of their 2 million customers for their commitment to serve with agility and develop innovative solutions that contribute to achieving better results.

In 2018, we obtained more than $ 1 billion in revenue.

The Algar Group

Our awards

We are present throughout Latin America

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Localidade Argentina
Localidade Mexico
Localidade Colombia

Rethink new forms of relationship between companies and customers

Learn about Algar Tech’s solutions and discover how we are rethinking our results-oriented business model.

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Time to rethink the way you relate with your client.

Time to rethink the way you relate with your client. Immerse yourself in Digital Transformation with a complete mapping of the journey, and with a customized solution to serve you on any channel and at any time.

TechnologyEnvironmentManagement TechnologyEnvironmentManagement


Innovative solutions to maximize your productivity

Your technology environment has to be always available; we bring innovative solutions to maximize your productivity and let you take care of what really matters: your business.

Join our community and learn how to promote Digital Transformation in your company.

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