With ICT
Infrastructure Management,
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Algar Tech guarantees maximum availability of its technology services. Thus you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Understand how Managing your ICT Infrastructure can ensure scalability and assertiveness in your business

We maximize the availability of IT in your company and ensure the continuity of your critical operations. And you maintain real-time insight to closely accompany your ICT and applications.

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Our proposal is simple, we offer:



Support to the exponential growth of the business in a secure and resilient way.



Guaranteed availability levels as required by the business.



Focus on IT investments based on the management of current and future capacity of the ICT environment.



Uninterrupted Critical Operations of the Business.

Examples of benefits for your business

<strong>98%</strong> of high criticality incidents treated within the SLA.

98% of high criticality incidents treated within the SLA.

up to <strong>25%</strong> reduction of high complexity incidents.

up to 25% reduction of high complexity incidents.

<strong>35%</strong> reduction in incident response time.

35% reduction in incident response time.

Real-time visibility into the availability of ICT Infrastructure and business applications

ICT Infrastructure Management
ICT Infrastructure Management


Management Center (NOC and BOC). Maximizes business continuity from the visibility of imminent critical events.

Supported Technologies

Multidisciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of technologies and applications.

IT Intelligence Center

Guarantees the delivery of the SLA, NPS and directs initiatives for digital transformation.

Professional Services

Analyzing trends and identifying the most appropriate technology for your business, increasing the assertiveness of ICT investments, maximizing the availability of the environment.

ICT Infrastructure Management ICT Infrastructure Management


  • IT performance control and business dashboards
  • Definition of framework and automatic correlation of events.


  • 100% monitoring of the IT and Telecom environment.
  • Guarantee of business continuity.
  • Saving up to 15% on IT and administration costs.


  • Real-time monitoring of the state of the ICT infrastructure.
  • Online performance dashboards.
  • Extraction of data and events for drawing up plans.
  • Notification of customers, users, solvers and suppliers.
ICT Infrastructure Management ICT Infrastructure Management
  • More than 550 specialized and multidisciplinary ICT professionals

Supported Essential Technologies

  • BD
  • S.O
  • Networks
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Messaging
  • Virtualization
ICT Infrastructure Management ICT Infrastructure Management

Environment Management


  • Consultative action in projects of high complexity.
  • Fine tuning and the most suited technology for the environment.
  • Agility and assertiveness in estimating sizing.


  • Ensuring adherence between customer requirements and availability.
  • Assertiveness in deciding on IT investments.
  • Reduction of up to 25% in incidents and up to 35% in incident response time.


  • Adaptation of the delivery model (KPIs, processes and resources)
  • Reporting and following up of SLA and Management Reports.
  • Knowledge management and IT service management (ITSM)
  • Workforce management
  • Analysis and management of GAP treatment.
  • Satisfaction Management / Customer NPS.

Advanced support


  • Training of support levels on the application of solutions.
  • Multidisciplinary technical skills between operations.


  • Effective resolution based on the CI configuration details.
  • Automations for the release of new solutions in the production environment.
  • Service Desk FCR Maximization.


  • Diagnosis of contour solution for unresolved incidents.
  • Resolution of medium and high complexity incidents in less time.
  • Development of the SD knowledge base and crisis management.
  • Support to service requests that require authorization.
  • Execution of high complexity routines.

Change management


  • Assessment of cost, risk and impact of changes in the IT environment.
  • Transparency and communication about changes in the environment.


  • Increase in productivity of users and IT.
  • Greater ability to absorb a large volume of changes.
  • Support for problem management and availability processes.


  • Management and coordination of all IT changes.
  • Application of Agile methods / DevOps.
  • Coordination of impact assessment, approval or rejection and scheduling of changes.
  • Conducting post-deployment test activities.
ICT Infrastructure Management ICT Infrastructure Management


  • Predictability of resource demand.
  • Identification of opportunities to implement solutions.
  • Unified and holistic management of IT infrastructure and business impact.


  • Availability of resources for service.
  • Directing initiatives for Digital Transformation.
  • Effective Resource allocation.


  • Indicators, reports and results.
  • Monitoring of BI and Management Reports.
  • SLA Report and IT Performance.
  • Targeting of digital solutions initiatives.
  • Report and control of the managerial presentation to the client.
  • Analysis and management of GAP treatment.
  • Satisfaction Management / Customer NPS

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