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Discover the digital transformation that a proactive and intuitive Service Desk can bring to you and your team.

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Our goal is always to ensure the best user experience

The Intuitive Service Desk creates the best user experience through a single multi-channel point of contact and automations to ensure a more efficient service.

It provides less support time and more productivity for your team that thus can solve calls with up to 35% less human interaction.

What can ISD deliver to your business

ISD delivers to your business the best technical support experience through a fast, intuitive resolution.

For Your Business:

For Your Business:

Alternative business models with guaranteed return on investment:

  • Annual discount of 7% to 10% over the monthly value of the contract.
  • User Satisfaction Index above 95% **
  • Operational efficiency projects sharing up to 50% * of the earnings with your business

* on average. ** minimum.

For the user:

For the user:

Simple and intuitive interaction that ensures:

  • Up to 35% * of the calls solved without human interaction.
  • User Satisfaction Index above 95%. **
  • 14% reduction in time spent reaching Service Desk.

* on average. ** minimum.

For the deployment:

For the deployment:

Technology operating in up to two weeks *:

  • Replicable delivery models.
  • Simple and fast integration through APIs.

* on average.

For the operation:

For the operation:

Optimized support time at 26% *, allowing more focus on:

  • Predictive performance.
  • Business knowledge.
  • Raising interpersonal skills.
  • Digital Transformation.

* on average.

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Hi, I'm Estella,How I can help you?

Estella allows quick and intuitive solutions to help your client without the need for human interaction to solve their calls. Through her, it is possible to create email, change password, authorize access, among others. In addition, ISD offers multi-channel convenience, which allows you to start a service at any channel and take it back from wherever you stopped at any other.

  • 33.734 Over 33 thousand served users with 171.980 digital interactions
  • 67% Is the resolution rate for digital tickets with no human intervention
  • 31% Over 30% of Service Desk digital tickets
  • 84% Is the users' satisfaction rate
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How do we increase user productivity with Algar Tech's Intuitive Service Desk?

A password reset that takes about 6 minutes in the conventional service, lasts about 1 minute in this solution. Act like many companies that have increased user productivity by almost 30% with ISD implementation.

All channels. The same service. The best experience.

With the Intuitive Service Desk, your customer chooses where they want to be served and can continue a conversation started on one channel, on any other. Simple, intuitive and effective.

  • Telephone Telephone
  • WhatsApp WhatsApp
  • Portal Portal
  • Portal Chat Portal Chat
  • Skype Skype
  • Telegram Telegram

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Centralized interactions management

Your customer needs to be served on any channel, the moment they need it, as quickly as possible. Most importantly, they need to have continuity every time they contact your business.

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Centralized interactions management

Human Support Interface

Although Estella already responds to 25% of calls without the need for human interaction, we also offer the user support with a specialized team for any more complex subject with in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of your business.

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Human Support Interface

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