Digital Transformation

Society is following an increasingly multi-connected
path. Technology and information are everywhere,
changing relationships between people and opening
new opportunities. With cutting-edge methodologies, a
multifunctional team, an end-to-end vision and rapid
implementation, Algar Tech’s innovation factory works
to meet these needs by developing digital solutions and
automation throughout the value chain and replicating
digital practices across operational and business areas.

Incremental Innovation

We use incremental innovation to constantly analyze internal
processes and customer solutions. We believe that a company
is built ongood ideas, and for over 2 decades we have been using
programs such as Internal Process Management (PGP) and Idea
Management (PGI) to stimulate innovation. Employees with the
best ideas receive compensationand participate in the
Algar Innovation Show.

Collaborative Innovation

The best way to deliver specific and efficient
solutions is to understand even the smallestdetails
of the expectations and needs of the end user.
For this to happen, we work closely with our
clients from the start to develop personalized
innovations. To aid in transformational innovation,
we have adopted several methodologies including
Innovatrix, Lean, Six Sigma, Thinking Design,
User Journey, Prototyping and Co-creation.

Disruptive Innovation

Improving sustainability and productivity and
finding new ways of interacting with people
and information, are rooted in human behavior.
This is where Algar Ventures comes in- an
initiative of Algar Group that aims to anticipate
trends and changes, invest in promising startups,
transform our business portfolio and boost growth.

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