We believe in balancing
environmental, social and
and economic sustainability
governed by respect throughout
our entire value chain.

We guarantee respect for individuality and diversity
in all our initiatives, and invest in programs that
provide quality of life, ombudsman services, benefits
and internal policies that focus on human respect
and development.

Instituto Algar

Algar Group invests in social programs for the community
that contribute to improving quality in education. All programs
are managed by Instituto Algar, which is responsible
for coordinating and providing guidelines for all the
educational, environmental and cultural actions at
Grupo Algar. In 2016, the programs assisted 163 schools,
11,990 thousand students and 445 educators

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Human development

To develop a more just society, it is necessary to provide the same
opportunities for all people. We support several initiatives
that foster the growth of individuals and promote
the freedom to enjoy life as one chooses.

  • Generating
    12,000 jobs

  • Including people
    with physical disabilities

  • Apprenticeship
    (540 young apprentices in 2016)

  • Volunteer Program
    (1373 participants in 2016)

Energy efficiency

Renewable energy is the future.

Algar Tech has invested in energy efficiency and solar
power generation. The 1st Green Data Center * project was
developed in partnership with Alsol Energias Renováveis,
and is powered by a photovoltaic system consisting of 14917
panels, generating 1336.8 MWh/year.

*1st Green Data Center in Latin America Powered by Photovoltaic
Solar Energy Connected to the Grid.

Global Commitment

Since our foundation, we have always beenfocused on
practices that address environmental questions.
These practices have helped us earn ISO 14001
environment management certification.

Furthermore, since 2016, we have participated in
the UN Global Compact initiative that aims to
mobilize the international business community to
adopt, fundamental values in human rights, labor
relations, environmental stewardship and
corruption fighting.

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