We connect our volunteers to opportunities to serve the community

Volunteer program

Contributing to building a better future in communities is one of our goals

The Algar Group Volunteer Program supports and directs the activities carried out by the thousands of volunteer associates who contribute to the program in different parts of Brazil and Latin America. and Latin America.

The project aims to encourage and create opportunities for the group’s associates to participate in social social actions and, through this gesture, help to build a better society.

volunteers in 4 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico
+ 0
thousand people impacted through 2645 actions
+ 0 000
k raised in donations in 2022
R$ 0 000

Serving the community is in the Algar group’s DNA. Therefore, Algar Tech’s volunteer program encourages the participation of all associates in various campaigns throughout the year.

We always try to support local institutions that are a reference in supporting communities and people in need. That’s because being a techer is also being a People who does volunteer work.

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Who can take part?

Algar Tech or Algar Group associates can participate as volunteers and any initiative in society can benefit from the project.

The Institute’s volunteer activities take place in cities and states where the Algar group operates in Brazil, as well as in other countries in Latin America: Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.
Do you want to be part of this team of millions? Click the button below and sign up for the Grupo Algar Volunteer Program.

Know more

Learn about the history of the program

The Volunteer Program was launched in April 2003 with the aim of serving the community.

In this program, everyone can contribute their time, work and talent for a better society.

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