Sustainability is one of our strategic pillars

Sustainability at Algar Tech

For those who live by serving people, being sustainable is not a duty: it's a necessity!

Algar Tech was born with the mission of connecting people and technologies and we make this happen by bringing results to our customers. However, within our mission, we don’t just want to be known as a company that delivers intelligence, strategy and technologies, but also as a sustainable company.

We use technology to connect companies and people with ESG practices, always thinking of a positive and lasting impact on society, the environment, governance and, of course, our members.

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of recyclables donated to recycling cooperatives.
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of energy consumption comes from renewable sources.
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water savings with the reuse system.

Sustainability report

Check out our 2023 Sustainability Report

Here’s a summary of Algar Tech’s actions, figures and impacts over the last year.


Strategic pillars of Sustainability and ESG

In all our initiatives, we guarantee respect for individuality and diversity, and invest in quality of life programs, ombudsman, benefits and internal policies aimed at respect and human development.

Check out our strategic Sustainability and ESG pillars:

Human development

We believe that our greatest differential is our People, plural and diverse in their identities, origins, experiences, physical characteristics and so many other aspects.

To build a fairer society, we need to provide the same opportunities for everyone.

In this way, we generate more than 12,000 direct jobs, include people with disabilities, offer a program for young apprentices and actively participate in the Algar Group Volunteer Program.

Algar Institute

The Algar Institute's purpose is to serve the community, and it does this through environmental and social programs.

Algar Group invests in environmental and social programs for the community. All the programs are carried out through the Algar Institute, which is responsible for coordinating and setting the guidelines for all the Group’s socio-environmental actions.

In this way, the Institute, which has been operating for more than 20 years, seeks to create opportunities for building a better society through projects that strengthen education, culture, sport and volunteering.

Algar Without Barriers

The Algar Group, as well as Algar Tech, has operations and headquarters almost everywhere in Brazil, which makes our people such a beautiful mix of accents, ideas and cultures.

We are diverse and therefore, to raise the significance of this diversity, the Algar group created Algar Sem Barreiras in 2018, a program to strengthen a safe and respectful work and living environment, with actions that allow real inclusion, equity and that value diversity.

There are five fronts with their own initiatives: Ethnicity (black representation), Gender (female empowerment), Generations (young apprentices and people over 60), People with Disabilities and LGBTQIA+.

Volunteer Program

Contributing to building a better future in the communities it is part of is one of the Algar Group's objectives.

And one of the main ways in which this purpose is put into practice is through the Algar Institute Volunteer Program.

The project aims to encourage and create opportunities for the group’s associates to participate in social social actions and, through this gesture, help to build a better society. Here at Algar Tech, in 2023 there are already more than 2900 volunteer associates making a difference.

Learn more about the Volunteer Program at Algar Tech:

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of our main responsibilities when it comes to technology.

We invest in energy efficiency projects, such as the use of photovoltaic panels, LED lamps, automation and modernization of equipment. In addition, we promote awareness campaigns for our members and users.

Our Green IT project, an energy efficiency initiative that uses sunlight because we understand that the sun is an inexhaustible, non-polluting, free and abundant source of energy, is an example of how we combine environmental responsibility, technology and cost reduction.

Selective collection and recycling

If everyone does their part, we will have a pleasant, sustainable and productive working environment.

Algar Tech is a company made up of more than 12,000 associates, all of whom produce waste during their working hours. This amount, when thought of individually, can be considered small, but when we think of the company as a whole, in all its activities and processes, we arrive at a very large amount! That’s why we’re concerned about this issue.

We carry out selective waste collection in our buildings, installing bins and disposing of the waste in cooperatives. We also work hard on environmental campaigns to encourage our members to dispose of their waste correctly.

Environmental indicators and targets

For us, building and maintaining a relationship of exchange and trust with society and the environment is fundamental to achieving a more prosperous future for ourselves and for humanity.

Our environmental performance is monitored on a monthly basis using indicators such as: water consumption, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, disposable waste consumption and waste management.

Financial statements

To build a fairer society, we need to provide the same opportunities for everyone.

In this way, we generate more than 12,000 direct jobs, include people with disabilities, offer a program for young apprentices and actively participate in the Algar Group Volunteer Program.

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