Optimize your BackOffice with intelligence and automation


Redesign and operate your business processes intelligently

With task and rule automation, we provide greater efficiency and quality in the execution of activities such as processes, finance, marketing, human resources, among others. In other words, your team focuses more on strategic and higher value-added tasks while we take care of the rest!

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If you have a company and are looking to enhance operations management, simplify processes, data governance, and have greater control over backend activities, our BackOffice service is ideal for you.


Get to know Algar Tech's exclusive methodology: CXI, Customer Experience Improvement.

With a focus on generating value for your customer and your company, we have created our own methodology, Customer Experience Improvement. It allows for better interaction, at the right time, with the right message, on the channel that is most convenient for the customer.

Immersion and journey mapping
Data analysis
Ideation and Cocreation
Elimination of unnecessary demands
Automation and self-service (customer empowerment)
Redesign of the relationship journey
Specialized and consultative service
Improved customer experience

Customer Success

Focus on optimizing the journey and the solution, reducing the effort for the consumer.

Value Generation

Service at the right time, with the most appropriate messages and channels, combining efficiency and results.

Digital transformation

Own methodology and agile implementation of omnichannel solutions centered on data.

How we make it happen

Intelligent BackOffice with the right expertise for every challenge

Brand Protection

Maintain your brand’s reputation and integrity. We implement rigorous controls and constant monitoring to ensure it’s always safe and free from threats.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and have an efficient ombudsman to meet your customers’ needs. With our expertise, your company is always compliant and able to offer a reliable channel of communication with your customers.

Minimize the risk of fraud and protect your organization. We use cutting-edge technology and intelligent analysis to identify and prevent fraudulent activities from taking place, thus guaranteeing the security of your operations

Simplify the process of identifying and onboarding customers through secure identity verification methods and automation of onboarding processes, making each entry into the system fast and secure for your customers. for your customers.

Automate and optimize your transactional operations. Reduce errors, improve efficiency and speed up transaction processing, providing a more agile and reliable experience for your customers.


Key features of Algar Tech's BackOffice


Non-invasive integration with legacy systems and services through digital channels.


Queue management and routing, workflow, hierarchies, and SLA control.


Automatic case distribution, flexibility for changes, and parameterization.


Online management, ease of learning and training. Service checklists and/or case completion, and management of follow-ups/scheduling.


Audit of changes at all stages of the process, and compliance with LGPD.


Flexibility in data extraction, data matching and internalization, and Analytics support.

How it works

See how our customized BackOffice solution works for every need of your business


Handling demands from other instances that, due to some complexity (hierarchy, analytics, regulatory, etc.), must be managed in BackOffice.

What we deliver:

Brand Protection

Reclame Aqui, Consumidor.gov and Ombudsman’s offices

Management of demands originating from complaint platforms and proactive monitoring of the brand’s reputation.

What we deliver:


Specialized handling of claims before regulatory bodies, in compliance with the sector’s rules and strategic business requirements, and orchestration of negotiations between the various parties involved.

What we deliver:

Fraud Prevention

Digital alert

Preventing and dealing with fraud at the various stages of the customer lifecycle.

What we deliver:


Bring more efficiency to your BackOffice with Algar Tech

  • Greater operational efficiency.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Increase in team productivity.
  • Greater data control and governance.
  • Improved quality and agility of operations.
  • Improved experience for customers and employees.
  • Compliance with regulations and brand protection.

What Algar Tech's BackOffice delivers to your business


Processes tailored to each need.


Reduced customer effort and intelligent communication.


Rhetorical and human activities 100% monitored.

Incentive for gains

Continuous pursuit of shared gains with the business.

Management and governance

Centralized and monitored data in real time and/or as needed.


No matter the size of your company, we help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Our CX services are ideal for companies of all sizes and sectors that want to strengthen their customer relationships and achieve exceptional results.

Whether your company is a growing mid-sized business, an established multinational, or a globally renowned organization, our solutions can be customized to meet your unique demands.

Success Stories

Alerta Digital

A parceria entre a Algar Tech e uma empresa de serviços financeiros, empréstimos, financiamento de veículos, investimentos e conta digital trouxe resultados incríveis. O desafio era reduzir o retorno de chamados, ampliar o atendimento por canais virtuais e aumentar a…

Success Stories

Customer Onboarding

Que tal gerar experiência para o seu cliente e mais resultados para o seu negócio? Apresentamos nossa mais nova oferta de Back Office Digital, que promete melhorar a experiência do seu cliente com 6 especialidades para cada um dos seus…

Success Stories

Gestão de Reclamações

Que tal gerar experiência para o seu cliente e mais resultados para o seu negócio? Apresentamos nossa mais nova oferta de Back Office Digital, que promete melhorar a experiência do seu cliente com 6 especialidades para cada um dos seus…

Success Stories

Gestão e Governança para esta empresa fabricante de eletrodomésticos

Mesmo sendo um dos maiores fabricantes de eletrodomésticos do mundo, nosso cliente enfrentava vários desafios. Dentre eles, a dificuldade em garantir o cumprimento dos prazos das ordens de serviços e boa comunicação entre time de campo e consumidor, além da…

Success Stories

Gestão de Reclamações para esta empresa do segmento de Eletrodomésticos

Quer saber como as soluções de backoffice da Algar Tech ajudaram um importante cliente do segmento Eletrodomésticos a aumentar 23% no índice de soluções e 90% da satisfação com atendimento, além de redução de 25% no tempo de resposta? Aperte…


What our clients say

My answer is a 10 given the level of service and dedication within our account. These are people who build the company’s image. In my scope, I understand that we are being well served in a very satisfactory way.

The role of Algar Tech's coordination in our operation is FUNDAMENTAL, whether on the technical or people side. We have all the necessary support.

Keep up the good job!

Company in the household appliances sector

A great partner with strategic vision. It was essential in achieving solid and consistent results.

Company in the publishing sector

Competent team, delivering the KPIs agreed upon. The team proposes preventive solutions, thinking ahead about the impacts.

Company in the logistics sector

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Maximize your company's credit recovery with agility.
Understand your customer, offer an assertive experience with excellence.
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