Here at Algar Tech, diversity is not a date. It is our essence.

Diversity at Algar Tech

Being diverse is in our DNA

For Algar Tech and also for all Algar Group companies, diversity, equity and inclusion are essential pillars that go beyond encouraging plurality and government policies.

Throughout the Algar Group we work to offer a diverse and welcoming work environment, we encourage the production of knowledge in these areas and, of course, we value plurality and differences, which is what makes OUR PEOPLE so unique.

And it’s no different here at Tech. We make diversity happen. Whether it’s through our Algar Sem Barreiras actions, the diversity of our associates or the strength and focus of Techers in publicizing and creating actions that involve diversity, equity and inclusion.

To be a Techer is to be diverse. It’s in our DNA!


Find out about our diversity actions for our members

A meeting for women with the aim of creating an inclusive space where guests can discuss the challenges of being a woman in contemporary times and in the new home office model.
Program aimed at including people over 50 years of age in the job market, generating new opportunities and also meeting recruitment and selection demands. This initiative values the experience of mature professionals who have high production capacity.
Initiative that creates an interactive moment where people from guilds feel welcomed. This project is used by all guilds, especially PCDs and LGBTQIA+, as it actively listens to day-to-day life, challenges and how we can make improvements possible.
In 2022, one of the actions of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month was free affirmative training for the community. The objective was to generate IT career development opportunities for this audience and also training them to join Tech’s team of associates.
In 2022, we created the PCD Management Committee with the aim of helping to retain PCD members and boost admissions.
We have introduced a quota policy into our Internship Program, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. 300 vacancies were opened with the aim of hiring women, black people and PWDs.
Throughout the year, the leaders of the Algar Sem Barreiras fronts hold lives with the intention of bringing knowledge to society and also give tips on inclusion for companies and people.
Diversity actions should not just be limited to internal disclosure, they have to conquer the market! Therefore, we publicize all our projects on social media, both to share knowledge and to open spaces for our members.
Algar Without Barriers

Get to know the Algar Without Barriers project

At Algar Tech, we currently employ more than 12,000 associates. To raise the profile of this diversity, the Algar group created the Algar Without Barriers program in 2018. With the aim of offering a safe and respectful working and living environment, the project develops actions that enable real inclusion, equity and that value diversity.

We have created five fronts that bring their own initiatives:

Ethnicity Guild

We work hard to eliminate racism and strengthen equality regardless of race or ethnicity.

Our figures:

  • 10.5% of black employees
  • 5.1% of black people in the lead
  • 7.1% of black people in IT
  • 6.3% of black and brown employees

Gender Guild

We work to strengthen female empowerment and seek gender equity so that women have the same opportunities.

Our figures:

  • 61.6% women
  • 54.3% female leadership
  • 18.4% of women in IT

Generations Guild

We believe in the diversity of generations working in partnership and also as complementary skills and knowledge. We have initiatives for the inclusion of young people entering the job market and opportunities for the more experienced.

Our figures:

  • 5% in the apprentice quota
  • 107 over 50
  • 80.8% of generation Y and Z members


Through the commitments made at the LGBTI+ Forum and our own initiatives, we seek an environment in which everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Our figures:

  • 9% self-declared in the community

PCD Guild

We seek to attract people with disabilities to our organization and work to ensure that they find accessible and inclusive environments.

Our figures:

  • 167 active people with disabilities
  • 28.1% of the legal quota
  • 64 hires in 2022
  • 1% of the company is made up of people with disabilities
  • Structured program for the inclusion of people with disabilities

Diversity booklet

As a way of ensuring a diverse and welcoming environment for #OurPeople, Algar Sem Barreiras has created an essential initiative to strengthen the way we act and inspire respect: the Diversity Booklet. In it we explain point by point how we respect people in an integral way.

Na Algar, a diversidade e a inclusão são temas fundamentais. Por meio do programa Algar Sem Barreiras, temos promovido políticas e práticas desde 2018, atuando nas frentes de Gênero, LGBTQIA+, Etnia, Gerações e PCDs.
Em conformidade com a legislação compartilhamos o Relatório de Transparência Salarial (Acesse aqui) emitido pelo Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego (dados de 2022, cenário diferente de 2024).

Reconhecemos que o caminho para um ambiente verdadeiramente diversificado e inclusivo é contínuo, e estamos dedicados a evoluir diariamente junto a toda a nossa Gente. Nosso objetivo é simples: respeitar, acolher e incluir todas as pessoas, promovendo uma cultura de equidade e desenvolvendo iniciativas que garantam igualdade de oportunidades para todos construírem suas carreiras conosco.

Convidamos você a conhecer mais sobre nosso programa e entender como o Grupo tem avançado na construção de uma Algar Sem Barreiras.

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