Maximize your company's credit recovery with agility


We combine data intelligence and efficiency in credit recovery

Is your company struggling with delinquency and unsure of the best way to approach these customers without losing their loyalty to your business? Our collection solution combines data intelligence, agility, and self-service to address customers at the right time and through the right channel.

In addition, we offer an omnichannel service that increases credit recovery rates, reduces the cost of the collection process and even delights your customers so that they return to purchase other products and services from your company.

in credit recovery rate
+ 0 x
reduction in abandonment rates
- 0 %

With our intelligent collection solution, you can regain control of your company’s finances, maximize credit recovery, and significantly reduce delinquency levels, transforming delinquents into potential customers.


Get to know Algar Tech's exclusive methodology: CXI, Customer Experience Improvement.

With a focus on generating value for your customer and your company, we have created our own methodology, Customer Experience Improvement. It allows for better interaction, at the right time, with the right message, on the channel that is most convenient for the customer.

Immersion and journey mapping
Data analysis
Ideation and Cocreation
Elimination of unnecessary demands
Automation and self-service (customer empowerment)
Redesign of the relationship journey
Specialized and consultative service
Improved customer experience

Customer Success

Focus on optimizing the journey and the solution, reducing the effort for the consumer.

Value Generation

Service at the right time, with the most appropriate messages and channels, combining efficiency and results.

Digital transformation

Own methodology and agile implementation of omnichannel solutions centered on data.

How we make it happen

How we modernize your company's Receivables Cycle

Customer experience

Ensure customer satisfaction so that they return to buy your products and services.

Increase productivity, recovery rates and target collections efficiently and strategically based on data.

Multiple channels of digital interaction, using the history of previous contacts, with negotiations conducted by our bots and, if necessary, with the intervention of a collection specialist, generating efficiency and convenience for the customer.

Ensuring the right contact, at the right time and on the channel preferred by the customer, based on a study of each customer’s profile.

Reduce the cost of each interaction through the use of technology and data.

Smart journey redesign.

How we make it happen

See how we deliver results for your company in credit recovery

Data Intelligence

We increase productivity and direct collection efficiently and strategically. To do this, we use data and profiles of delinquent customers to define the best strategy.



Increase and Accelerate

We increase and accelerate credit recovery with data intelligence and efficiency in interactions. We act at all stages of collection, by age of debt (aging), using intelligence, data and customer segmentation to approach them in a personalized way by channel, and applying the propensity model.

We manage the digital platform online, using your company’s best practices to approach the customer.



Customer experience

Our CX Improvement team works according to Algar Tech’s exclusive methodology to define the customer relationship strategy. We monitor the entire customer journey to curate the bot and ensure continuous improvement of the process.

We preserve the relationship with the customer so that they have a good experience and go on to buy, and we map opportunities for process optimization with the possibility of operational gains.




Bring more accuracy to your collection processes with Algar Tech

With our solution, you prevent delinquency and maximize credit recovery, with business intelligence and extensive experience in digital solutions.

What Algar Tech's Collection solution delivers to your business

In the appliance sector

+43% in contact effectiveness

-82% in SAC bill request

-41% fewer defaulters

In the telecommunications sector

+100% in credit recovery

+5x increase in CPC

+3x success rate in negotiations

In the financial sector

+9x in credit recovery rate

+150% in activated base

+45% in contact quality

-90% in abandonment rate

In the financial sector with DUDA's support

+82% in contact effectiveness

+55% in negotiation effectiveness

+30% in operational efficiency

Success Case

Meet Duda, the first cognitive debt renegotiation agent in Brazil

Created to serve one of our clients in the financial sector, Duda helps companies recover credit through digital and multichannel service.

Distinctive features

How Algar Tech maximizes credit recovery for your company

Data intelligence to identify the best moments and channels for activation

We were able to identify the ideal times to contact defaulters, as well as the most effective channels for these interactions. After all, a strategic approach significantly increases the chances of payment.

Personalized collection strategies according to debtor's profile

We ensure that your mailing list is clean, up-to-date and full of relevant information. We use advanced technologies to sanitize and enrich your database, allowing for more precise segmentation and much more targeted collection strategies.

Advanced tools for cleaning and enriching the mailing list

We ensure that your mailing list is clean, up-to-date and full of relevant information. We use advanced technologies to sanitize and enrich your database, allowing for more precise segmentation and much more targeted collection strategies.

Process automation for greater efficiency and error reduction

We automate manual and repetitive tasks in the collection process, increasing efficiency and decreasing the likelihood of errors.

Customized recovery models to maximize results

We develop customized credit recovery models that are adapted to the characteristics of your business and the particularities of your clients.

Digitalization of collection processes for agility and ease of management

We provide agility and ease in the management of all collection activities. This gives your company greater control and visibility in real time, simplifying the management and monitoring of the process.


No matter the size of your company, we help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Our CX services are ideal for companies of all sizes and sectors that want to strengthen their customer relationships and achieve exceptional results.

Whether your company is a growing mid-sized business, an established multinational, or a globally renowned organization, our solutions can be customized to meet your unique demands.

Success Stories

Cobrança Digital – Segmento Financeiro com Duda

Quando você escolhe parceiros que fazem acontecer, os resultados aparecem. Foi o que a Algar Tech e um importante cliente* do segmento de telecom fizeram juntos. Um dos maiores grupos financeiros do Brasil precisava modernizar a forma de cobrança, reduzir…

Success Stories

Cobrança Digital para superar os desafios desta empresa do segmento de telecomunicações

Quando você escolhe parceiros que fazem acontecer, os resultados aparecem. Foi o que a Algar Tech e um importante cliente do segmento de Telecom fizeram juntos. Os desafios eram muitos:

Success Stories

Cobrança Digital para reduzir inadimplência desta empresa do segmento Financeiro

Quando você escolhe parceiros que fazem acontecer, os resultados aparecem. Foi o que a Algar Tech e um importante cliente do segmento financeiro fizeram juntos. A emissora de cartões precisava reduzir a inadimplência e reduzir o CPC. A Algar Tech…

Success Stories

Cobrança Digital inteligente para esta empresa do segmento de Eletrodomésticos

Com o desafio de realizar cobranças de forma inteligente e viabilizar renegociações por meio de auto-serviços, uma grande empresa do segmento de eletrodomésticos se uniu à Algar Tech para repensar suas possibilidades. Para superar os desafios, foram implementadas ferramentas de…

Success Stories

Duda: Nossa Assistente Virtual Cognitiva

Como aumentar a recuperação de crédito sem interação humana? Na Algar Tech, repensamos possibilidades todos os dias. Com foco na transformação Digital que nos move, criamos a Duda, nossa assistente virtual cognitiva de negociação. Ela pode aumentar as negociações de…


What our clients say

My answer is a 10 given the level of service and dedication within our account. These are people who build the company’s image. In my scope, I understand that we are being well served in a very satisfactory way.

The role of Algar Tech's coordination in our operation is FUNDAMENTAL, whether on the technical or people side. We have all the necessary support.

Keep up the good job!

Company in the household appliances sector

A great partner with strategic vision. It was essential in achieving solid and consistent results.

Company in the publishing sector

Competent team, delivering the KPIs agreed upon. The team proposes preventive solutions, thinking ahead about the impacts.

Company in the logistics sector

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