Increase your sales and retain your customers


Boost your sales results and keep customers satisfied with our Sales and Retention solution

We combine our market and customer relationship experience with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Speech Analytics to transform the digital sales journey into a successful journey and enhance your results.

+ 0 %
in satisfaction rates with customer service
0 %
reduction in response time

In each interaction, it’s possible to automatically identify customer contexts, behaviors, and sentiments, generating real-time alerts and action suggestions for team handling.

What we do

We combine services, technology, and omnichannel platform into a single solution

Trigger strategy


Speech and Qualification


Service monitoring

Attendant + Customer


Data consolidation


Conversion strategy


Process feedback

How we make it happen

Bring success to your customers' buying journey


Offer geared towards increasing operational efficiency.

Digital solutions and analytical vision for drive intelligence.

Agile and flexible implementation.

Focus on value creation and sharing results.


Bring more efficiency to your sales process

We offer a complete, intelligent and personalized flow that will change the way you sell, retain and increase your company’s turnover.

What Algar Tech's sales solution delivers to your business

For sales

  • Evaluation of sales process management and performance;
  • Building forecast based on real lead temperature;
  • Comprehensive analysis of sales speech;
  • Automation of notes in CRM;
  • Sales growth;
  • Churn reduction;
  • Data intelligence;
  • Monitoring the best sales pitches;
  • Analysis of customer buying behavior.

For user experience

  • Clearer Customer Journey;
  • Use of feedback to review processes;
  • Understanding key points of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction;
  • NPS based on customer voice, from unsolicited feedback (real sentiment);
  • Sales and retention bots with natural language processing;
  • Analysis of conversations, behaviors, and emotions;
  • Predictive analysis.

What our clients say

My answer is a 10 given the level of service and dedication within our account. These are people who build the company’s image. In my scope, I understand that we are being well served in a very satisfactory way.

The role of Algar Tech's coordination in our operation is FUNDAMENTAL, whether on the technical or people side. We have all the necessary support.

Keep up the good job!

Company in the household appliances sector

A great partner with strategic vision. It was essential in achieving solid and consistent results.

Company in the publishing sector

Competent team, delivering the KPIs agreed upon. The team proposes preventive solutions, thinking ahead about the impacts.

Company in the logistics sector

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Understand your customer, offer an assertive experience with excellence.
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