Understand your customer and offer the best experience


Practicality and precision in managing and operating customer relationship journeys

With Algar Tech’s Customer Service solution, we identify your business demands and the issues in your current consumer journey, delivering optimal efficiency and experience for your customer.

+ 0 000 hours
hours of reduced human interaction in a single BOT in 2022 (Average per month)
+ 0 000
agreements closed by a single bot in 2022, reaching a total value of +$3 billion renegotiated

The idea is simple: we connect our customer relationship strategies to your business objectives through effective interactions that combine the best of digital and human aspects.


Get to know Algar Tech's exclusive methodology: CXI, Customer Experience Improvement.

With a focus on generating value for your customer and your company, we have created our own methodology, Customer Experience Improvement. It allows for better interaction, at the right time, with the right message, on the channel that is most convenient for the customer.

Immersion and journey mapping
Data analysis
Ideation and Cocreation
Elimination of unnecessary demands
Automation and self-service (customer empowerment)
Redesign of the relationship journey
Specialized and consultative service
Improved customer experience

Customer Success

Focus on optimizing the journey and the solution, reducing the effort for the consumer.

Value Generation

Service at the right time, with the most appropriate messages and channels, combining efficiency and results.

Digital transformation

Own methodology and agile implementation of omnichannel solutions centered on data.

How we make it happen

We build journeys with intelligence and efficiency to achieve the best results


Learn about the advantages of our Customer Service solution

  • Flexible business models, tailored to needs;
  • Effective operational and people management model;
  • Efficiency through digital transformation;
  • Focus on the customer’s business;
  • On-site or remote work
  • Technologies that suit your needs.

What Algar Tech's Customer Service delivers to your business

For the company

  • Specialist service, tailored your business’ needs.
  • Operation management and business indicators in the palm of your hand.
  • Reduction of costs through automation, redesigning processes and journeys.
  • Greater satisfaction and reputation for the service.
  • Staff and qualified support.
  • Operational indicators for monitoring and managing results.

For your client

  • Greater experience.
  • Reduced journey.
  • Loyalty.
  • Personalized customer service.
Success Case

Meet Ana, our cognitive agent created to interact 24/7 limitlessly

Created to assist a Telecom sector client, Ana has already achieved a 72 NPS score and has conducted over 1.5 billion interactions.


No matter the size of your company, we help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Our CX services are ideal for companies of all sizes and sectors that want to strengthen their customer relationships and achieve exceptional results.

Whether your company is a growing mid-sized business, an established multinational, or a globally renowned organization, our solutions can be customized to meet your unique demands.

Success Stories

Relacionamento Digital – URA Visual

Já imaginou como uma URA Visual pode melhorar a experiência do seu cliente e trazer benefícios para o seu negócio? Nosso cliente é uma empresa multinacional presente em diversos países. Olhando para o seu negócio, propusemos uma nova jornada para…

Success Stories

Relacionamento Digital – USSD

Nosso cliente tinha um grande desafio: proporcionar uma experiência fluida, assertiva e única, sem intervenção humana, dando mais autonomia ao consumidor e reduzindo seu esforço ao solicitar serviços de baixa complexidade. A nossa solução? Criamos o serviço de USSD, uma…

Success Stories

Relacionamento Digital – URA Cognitiva

Já imaginou ter todos os seus atendimentos feitos por uma URA Cognitiva, sem intervenção humana? Acompanhe esse case com a gente e saiba como a Algar Tech ajudou esse cliente do segmento Telecom com um incremento de 1,3% de retenção…

Success Stories

Relacionamento Digital – Fatura Resumida

Nosso cliente atua em 17 estados, oferecendo soluções de TIC para mais de 1,3 milhão de clientes, entre pessoas físicas e empresas, e tem 94% de satisfação no setor corporativo. O desafio era pensar em um novo modelo de fatura…

Success Stories

Relacionamento Digital – Speech Analytics

Já pensou em analisar as ligações do seu Contact Center para melhor a gestão da qualidade do seu atendimento? Dê o play e conheça mais um Case de sucesso! Referência no mercado de cosméticos e presente em 143 países, nosso…


What our clients say

My answer is a 10 given the level of service and dedication within our account. These are people who build the company’s image. In my scope, I understand that we are being well served in a very satisfactory way.

The role of Algar Tech’s coordination in our operation is FUNDAMENTAL, whether on the technical or people side. We have all the necessary support.

Keep up the good job!

Cliente da Algar Tech

A great partner with strategic vision. It was essential in achieving solid and consistent results.

Cliente da Algar Tech

Competent team, delivering the KPIs agreed upon. The team proposes preventive solutions, thinking
ahead about the impacts.

Cliente da Algar Tech

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