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Assertive and individualized service, according to your main needs.

Through the IT Projects by Algar Tech, you receive specialized consulting in IT infrastructure, development and implementation of customized solutions, and we also provide training and capacity building.. Count on specialized support from certified technicians dedicated to your business needs.
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We provide consultancy specializing in IT infrastructure, we develop customized solutions and provide training. Count on specialized technical support from certified technicians for your business needs.

What we do

How Algar Tech IT Projects can help your business

If your company has limited internal resources, lacks specialized knowledge to deal with one-off demands, or needs more operational efficiency, IT Projects is ideal for your business.

Flexibility in hiring

As each project is specific and personalized, hiring of our services is flexible to meet the demands of your business.

Hiring on time

Rely on Algar Tech's own technicians and certified partners to address your company's specific IT demands.

Multidisciplinary team

Have the peace of mind of relying on dedicated experts in the development and monitoring of your project.


What our clients say

Algar Tech is a reference and has a very qualified and refined standard of recruitment and service.

The services are delivered with a very high level of quality, always proactive and committed to the team's demands.


Company in the tourism sector

Team attentive to KPIs, proposing new solutions, contacting the client and supporting the company's needs.

Company in the logistics sector

Quality of service, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

Discover more Algar Tech solutions to improve the productivity of your technological environment:

Centralized operational and strategic governance for ICT infrastructure management.
Real-time monitoring of business and infrastructure performance.
Efficient management of IT infrastructure, investigation, and resolution of critical and complex incidents.
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