Your ICT infrastructure management integrated and automated with the Algar Tech IT Intelligence Center.


Centralized operational and strategic governance for ICT infrastructure management

Algar Tech’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) service in public cloud is designed to ensure the continuity of your business.

With a systemic approach and multidisciplinary knowledge, we offer high-quality services, full support, and ensure the continuity of your business. In addition to preparing your company to deal with unforeseen situations, minimizing downtime and financial losses.

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We help your company overcome problems of visibility and control over the ICT infrastructure, through metrics and reports on the performance of IT operations and strategic direction for improvements and digital solutions.

What we do

Centralized operational and strategic governance solutions for ICT infrastructure management

Rely on best practices, knowledge, skills and agile methods to ensure that your project’s objective is achieved in accordance with the established scope, deadline and cost.

IT asset management

Service catalog, service configuration, incidents, service level, problems, relationships, service requests.

Enabling change

We help with configuration problems, performance adjustments, monitoring and other operational needs.

Project Management Structure

We offer services designed for your needs, allowing your business to grow and adapt quickly.

Automated management reports in BI

Observability of ICT infrastructure using Big Data and Data Science.

Targeting digital solutions initiatives

Discover opportunities to optimize your infrastructure. We provide valuable insights and personalized recommendations to improve the efficiency of your business.

Continuous improvement

Continuous training of other support levels on the application of solutions and configurations in the environment.

How we make it happen

Take your IT infrastructure to the next level

Operational and strategic governance

Centralized operational and strategic governance of ICT Infrastructure Management operations.

We value the user experience and constantly seek to improve our services.

Access essential metrics to monitor performance, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions.

Information about contracted services, financial insight, ticket opening, SLA, cost optimization insights in a 100% unified manner.

We guide recommendations for improvements, automation and digital solutions.


What the Algar Tech Intelligence Center delivers for your business

  • Definition of the delivery model (indicators, reports and presentation of results).
  • BI monitoring and management reports for each operation.
  • SLA reporting and IT performance for business areas.
  • Report and control of the management presentation to the client.
  • Analysis and management of GAPs.
  • Customer satisfaction/NPS management.

What our clients say

Algar's Identity and Access Management team has become increasingly mature in its processes and understands the great importance of this for our results.

We will remain strong in this partnership, supporting each other in the continuous improvement of processes and raising the maturity of teams.

Company in the tourism sector

Quality of the service provided, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

A team that is aware of its activities, operationally flexible and willing to help.

Company in the financial sector

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Customized solutions that address all your specific and complex IT infrastructure demands.
Real-time monitoring of business and infrastructure performance.
Efficient management of IT infrastructure, investigation, and resolution of critical and complex incidents.
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