Manage your company's IT infrastructure efficiently and agilely with Infrastructure Management Algar Tech


We guarantee the maximum availability of your technology services

We manage requirements, apply appropriate technology, and coordinate changes to minimize risks, ensuring a stable and efficient environment.

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certified and skilled professionals
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physical and virtual hosts managed

The idea is simple: we promote continuous improvement through knowledge and root cause identification. We help you correct errors in processes and discover and resolve operational deficiencies through intelligent and integrated monitoring tools.


What Algar Tech's Infrastructure Management delivers to your business


Support for safe and resilient exponential business growth.

Assurance of the availability levels required by the business.

Focus on IT investments based on the management of the current and future capacity of the ICT environment.

Uninterrupted critical business operations.

What we do

Infrastructure Management: intelligent management of your IT infrastructure

Infrastructure Management Algar Tech has 3 areas of activity:

Environment Management

We operate by managing capacity and availability requirements, designing and implementing infrastructure solutions, and developing modeling to support the identification of corrective actions. We present proposals and apply fine-tuning and the most appropriate technology for each case.

What we deliver:

Distinctive features


Guarantee of alignment between customer requirements and capacity and availability.

Capacity and availability plans to make more informed decisions about IT investments.

Reduction of up to 25% in the volume of high-complexity incidents, and up to 35% in the response time to critical incidents.

Advanced support

We operate by investigating, diagnosing, and solving incidents. We identify workarounds for incidents without prior solutions. We respond to service requests that require authorization or advanced technical analysis, resolving medium and high complexity incidents as quickly as possible, and performing high complexity routines. All of this promotes the development of the Service Desk’s knowledge base.

What we deliver:

Distinctive features


Effective resolution based on the collection and evaluation of configuration details of supported ICs.

Development of automations for the release of new solutions in the production environment.

Maximization of the Service Desk's FCR (First Call Resolution).

Project management

We operate by managing and coordinating all changes in IT infrastructure. After assessing the impact of changes and improvements, in order to minimize risks, we coordinate the approval or rejection and scheduling of changes. We conduct post-implementation testing activities and apply continuous Agile/DevOps methods.

What we deliver:

Distinctive features


Increased user and IT productivity due to intelligent interruption scheduling.

Greater ability to absorb a large volume of changes.

Support for problem management and availability management processes.


What our clients say

Algar Tech is a reference and has a very qualified and refined standard of recruitment and service.

The services are delivered with a very high level of quality, always proactive and committed to the team's demands.


Company in the tourism sector

Team attentive to KPIs, proposing new solutions, contacting the client and supporting the company's needs.

Company in the logistics sector

Quality of service, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

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