Observability of critical environments and operations in order to maximize the business result.


Real-time monitoring of your business and infrastructure performance

Algar Tech’s Network Operation Center (NOC) offers observability of environments and critical operations, maximizing business results and ensuring integration between application and ICT infrastructure monitoring.

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We monitor your business and infrastructure performance in real-time, notifying stakeholders, escalating incidents, and managing critical incidents to restore operations, as well as extracting data for capacity and availability plans.

What we do

Algar Tech's Network Operation Center helps your business keep running

Algar Tech’s Network Operation Center can do for your company:

How we make it happen

How we ensure business availability

Observability of ICT infrastructure

Observability of ICT infrastructure using Big Data and Data Science.

Pre-defined automation packages, creation of new automations, or use of existing runbooks, and solution direction.

Multi-channel notifications, client-specific business rules, and event-based workflow execution.

We have professionals certified in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Our processes allow for a quick response to incidents and minimize your business's downtime.

Wisdom Information Technology

Wisdom Information Technology, Algar Tech's orchestration platform

WIT Algar Tech is a platform that transforms the ICT infrastructure management journey through a digital solution for automation, integration, systemic orchestration, monitoring and multichannel notification in an optimized and effective way.

See how WIT works:

Traditional monitoring

WIT Algar Tech

03 minutes
Identification and logging
05 seconds
05 minutes
Triggering and notifications
10 seconds
15 minutes
Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
30 seconds
05 minutes
Resolution and restoration
10 seconds
02 minutes
Communication and closure
05 seconds
30 minutes
Normalized event
01 minute

What Algar Tech's NOC delivers to your business

Through the Management Center, we identify risk conditions for business continuity and detect interruptions in services related to network data systems, security, hardware, operational servers, databases, and applications, proactively and in some cases correctively (reactively).

We continuously monitor events related to ICT assets, processes, services, and business applications in order to identify their current and future state with the aim of minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime, as well as notifying stakeholders and monitoring event resolution.

The Management Center allows:

Identify risk conditions

  • Network data systems;
  • Security;
  • Hardware and operational servers;
  • Databases;
  • Applications.

Diagnose service interruptions

  • Network data systems;
  • Security;
  • Hardware and operational servers;
  • Databases;
  • Applications.

Continuously monitor

  • Events related to ICT assets;
  • Processes;
  • Services;
  • Applications.

What our clients say

Algar Tech is a reference and has a very qualified and refined standard of recruitment and service.

The services are delivered with a very high level of quality, always proactive and committed to the team's demands.


Company in the tourism sector

Team attentive to KPIs, proposing new solutions, contacting the client and supporting the company's needs.

Company in the logistics sector

Quality of service, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

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