Agile implementation of cloud projects for your company's success


Take your project to the cloud in an agile way with Algar Tech

If you need customized projects, with unique needs that are not met by ready-made solutions, Algar Tech’s Cloud Projects service is ideal for your company.

We have expertise in cloud projects, and we have the necessary structure and resources to handle project implementation and management.

0 %
profitability after migrating to the cloud platform
up to 0 %
reduction in abandoned transactions due to service interruption

Through the Cloud Projects service, you can count on a partner ready to deal with technical challenges and put aside concerns about data security when migrating to the cloud.

How we make it happen

How to Cloud Projects at Algar Tech can help your company

Cloud journey consulting

We guide the planning for your journey to the cloud and ensure a successful and aligned transition.

We help your company make the most of cloud benefits.

We have experts in the cloud and other infrastructure disciplines to help you on your journey to the cloud.

Our personalized approach provides the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your company's specific needs.


How to Cloud Projects at Algar Tech can help your company

Experience and knowledge

We have extensive experience in agile cloud deployment, ensuring that your project is executed with excellence.

Customized services

We tailor each service to your specific needs, offering customized cloud projects that align perfectly with your requirements.

Flexibility in hiring projects, consultancies or people

Since each project is specific and personalized, hiring our services is flexible to meet your business demands.

Customized workforce

Have the peace of mind of relying on dedicated experts in the development and monitoring of your project.

AWS Partnership

To ensure a more secure and flexible cloud environment, we are AWS Partners

Since 2017, together with Amazon, we make things happen and deliver results to companies like yours.

In addition, we have highly qualified and specialized professionals trained by AWS, and we have the Amazon quality seal.


What our clients say

Algar's Identity and Access Management team has become increasingly mature in its processes and understands the great importance of this for our results.

We will remain strong in this partnership, supporting each other in the continuous improvement of processes and raising the maturity of teams.

Company in the tourism sector

Quality of the service provided, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

A team that is aware of its activities, operationally flexible and willing to help.

Company in the financial sector

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