A neutral and impartial communication channel

Algar Tech Ethics Channel

This is a neutral and impartial communication channel, for registering complaints from all audiences that relate to Algar Tech.

In order to support the maintenance of an ethical and transparent corporate environment, our Ethics Channel serves associates, suppliers, customers and other audiences that relate to Algar Tech, to register complaints in a legitimate and impartial manner.

You can contact us anonymously to report violations of the Code of Conduct. Registered reports are treated with absolute confidentiality and analyzed in a careful and responsible manner, contributing to transparent management and a trustworthy environment.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Your complaint can be made anonymously. Registered reports are treated with absolute secrecy, Algar Tech guarantees the confidentiality of the complaint and does not tolerate any kind of retaliation.

Required information

It is essential that the report contains as many details of the event as possible, such as the date, location, witnesses present, names of those involved, evidence collected, etc.

How can I make a report?

You can contact us through the following channels:

When to contact the Ethics Channel

In any situation where there is evidence or proof of deviation from our internal policies and legal requirements, such as:

Other matters such as complaints, suggestions, compliments and direct deviations identified by the company's internal controls should be dealt with directly by the areas responsible.

How to follow up your complaint

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After submitting your report, anonymously or not, it is recorded and analyzed impartially, carefully and responsibly by the Algar Group Ethics team, with total confidentiality and secrecy.
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We will investigate the facts and, once the investigation is complete, the complaints are presented to the Integrity Committee, which decides on the appropriate actions and measures for each situation.
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You can follow up your report through the third-party channel, even anonymously. This follow-up is important for answering questions or requesting additional information.
We want to hear from you

Service channels

Ethics Channel

Algar Group’s exclusive channel for secure communication. Here you can also follow up on your open complaints.

Make a call

Your report can be made free of charge over the phone from Monday to Sunday, at any time.

Send a message

If you prefer, you can send a message by email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

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