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Manage your company's IT assets in a personalized and timely manner with IT Inventory & Rollout Algar Tech


Discover personalized IT Inventory and Rollout solutions from Algar Tech for your specific needs

IT inventory is essential for effective IT resource management. With Algar Tech’s IT Inventory, you have complete and up-to-date knowledge of all your IT assets, enabling better cost control, upgrade planning, license management, and identification of potential security risks.

With Algar Tech’s IT Rollout service, we implement or upgrade your company’s IT infrastructure in planned stages, aiming to minimize disruptions in business processes and ensure a smooth transition to new technologies.

Achieve efficient management with greater control, security, and resource optimization through a comprehensive view of your company’s IT assets . Count on agile and planned implementation of new technologies aligned with your business objectives to promote efficiency and productivity.

What we do

What IT Inventory and Rollout can do for your company

IT asset inventory

We identify and record all of your business's IT resources to manage them more effectively.

Equipment rollout

We implement or upgrade IT technologies in an organization, following a structured plan.

Batch equipment formatting

We reinstall and/or reconfigure operating systems on multiple devices simultaneously, optimizing operation time.

IT asset moving projects

We plan and physically transfer your IT equipment to a new location, with secure logistics and transportation.

Fixed labor allocation in the body shop model

Rely on Algar Tech's own technicians and certified partners to address your company's specific IT demands.

Fixed labor allocation in the body shop model

Rely on Algar Tech's own technicians and certified partners to address your company's specific IT demands.

How we make it happen

How we work to ensure the security of your company

Rapid replacement or upgrade of computer equipment

Agile replacement of old equipment, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption of business.

Maintain an accurate record of all IT assets, facilitating compliance with internal and external regulations and standards.

Rapid and efficient scalability to meet seasonal equipment and technology demands.

We efficiently manage technicians' time and effort to address specific demands and properly manage your IT assets.


What Our Clients Say

A empresa Algar Tech é referência e tem um padrão muito qualificado e refinado de recrutamento e também de atendimento.

Os serviços são entregues com altíssimo grau de qualidade, sempre proativos e compromissados com as demandas da equipe.


Empresa do setor financeiro

Time atento aos KPIs, propondo novas soluções, entrando em contato com o cliente e apoiando nas necessidades da Empresa.

Empresa do setor de logística

Qualidade do serviço prestado, organização, comprometimento da equipe técnica e dos gestores.

Empresa do setor de papel e celulose

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