Ensure the best experience for your employees with Algar Tech's Intuitive Service Desk;


Greater efficiency in service, more productivity for the team, and less time spent on support

If your company needs to improve first-contact resolution, reduce costs, increase user productivity, and enhance the technical support experience, Intuitive Service Desk (ISD) is the perfect solution for your business.

Through automation, you can ensure greater service efficiency, less time spent on support, and increased team productivity. Discover our ISD solution and maximize your employees’ productivity;

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user satisfaction
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user retention

With relevant automations, such as self-service through Estella, our virtual analyst, you ensure more efficient service, less time spent on support, and free up your team to focus on higher-value deliveries to the business.

What we do

How we increase your employees' productivity with Intuitive Service Desk

A password reset that would take about 6 minutes in traditional support is now done in about 1 minute with Estella, our virtual analyst.

In addition to solving tasks such as password resets, Estella provides access releases, folder and printer mapping, integrates with various tools in your environment, and can also work in any areas of your company, such as HR, Sales, Legal, and others. And for all support requests, Estella automatically registers a ticket in your ITSM.

User experience and curation

We have a multidisciplinary curation team focused on User Experience. This way, we provide organic growth in Digital Operation, identifying and addressing triggers of dissatisfaction while working on possible automations and improvements in Estella integrations.

This results in a constant evolution of automatic resolution and digital retention.

Service design

A focus on the experience generated for users.

SD Operation

A vision of the services that can be integrated with Estella.


Support, decision-making, and business vision.


A focus on the constant enrichment of knowledge.


Hello, I'm Estella, the virtual analyst from Algar Tech's Intuitive Service Desk!

To offer the best technical support experience with fast and intuitive service, I have artificial intelligence, I’m multichannel, and I can work on channels like Teams, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Workplace.

My mission is to help your users solve various tasks, and if I can’t resolve the request, I can transfer it to the team of humans who work with me.

Speaking of the team, I work with curators, developers, and service designers who help enrich my knowledge and teach me how to speak to you as naturally as possible! I also speak three languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

How we make it happen

ISD delivers a service composed of processes, people, and technologies


Four specialized squads in product, onboarding, support, and growth.

Customer onboarding in the agile model, methodologies that support shared Digital Operation.

Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing and Cognition, Multichannel, API Gateway, and others.


What Algar Tech's ISD delivers for your business

The best technical support experience through fast and intuitive resolution.

With Intuitive Service Desk, your customer chooses where they want to be served, and can continue a conversation started on one channel on any other.

All channels. The same service. The best experience.

For your business

  • Custom Service plans according to your company’s demand.
  • Operationalization within two weeks.
  • Simple and fast integration through APIs.

For your IT team

Optimized support time.

  • Up to 35%* of total calls digitized.
  • Up to 70%* of support resolved without human interaction.
  • Over 60,000 users served in digital channels.


For the user

More convenience and convenience in technical service.

  • Technical support available anywhere and at any time.
  • User satisfaction rate above 95%*.
  • User Experience and Service Design.


Service plans

We have the ideal plan for your business


Digital platform for customers who only want digitization through FAQs.


Enables automation, integration with ITSM tools, and FAQs with cognition.


Enables the hiring of various features and automations, integration with ITSM tools and legacy systems.


Explore the full potential of Estella's Artificial Intelligence in the complete version. Count on diverse features and automations and integrations with ITSM.


What our clients say

Algar's Identity and Access Management team has become increasingly mature in its processes and understands the great importance of this for our results.

We will remain strong in this partnership, supporting each other in the continuous improvement of processes and raising the maturity of teams.

Company in the tourism sector

Quality of the service provided, organization, commitment of the technical team and managers.

Company in the pulp and paper sector

A team that is aware of its activities, operationally flexible and willing to help.

Company in the financial sector

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