AWS Service Delivery: Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows


AWS + Algar Tech: Successful partnership

Changing your operational model from running on-premises Windows applications to the cloud requires critical migration decisions regarding design and configuration. Therefore, finding a reliable partner is essential.

We are AWS certified partners and have deep knowledge, expertise, and practical experience with Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server and relational databases.

Agility, security, performance and savings: these are the main reasons for corporate customers to move away from Microsoft Workloads to Amazon EC2.


How we can help your business

Increased productivity

Eliminate unplanned downtime, enjoy faster deployments, and ensure higher developer productivity by migrating Windows workloads to AWS.

More security features

Get more security, compliance, and governance features with AWS.

Improved performance

Harness the power of Amazon EC2 instances that offer 3x more throughput and 25% lower latency.

Lower costs

Reduce your total cost of ownership through exclusive pricing plans and flexible Microsoft licensing options in the cloud.

How we make it happen

How AWS Service Delivery can help your business

Cloud journey consulting

We guide the planning for your journey to the cloud and guarantee a successful and aligned transition.

From application development to infrastructure migration, we help your company make the most of the benefits of the cloud.

Ensure security and continuity even in adverse situations with efficient backup and recovery strategies.

We are ready to offer agile and efficient support, guaranteeing stability and proper operation.

Our customized approach provides the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your company's specific needs.

Use cases

Casos de uso habituales para cargas de trabajo de Windows

Windows migration

Move legacy Windows systems and infrastructure to AWS, ensuring that all workloads, databases, and applications remain intact.

Managed database

Migrate your MS SQL database to fully managed database services by AWS and automate time-consuming tasks related to configuration, management, monitoring, and scaling of your databases.

Distinctive features

Why hire Algar Tech's migration service

We help you design, architect, migrate, and manage your Amazon EC2 workloads to Microsoft Windows Server to maximize agility, security, and cost optimization.

We help make your critical Windows infrastructure even better and more reliable on AWS, ensuring minimal disruption during migration.

AWS Partnership

To ensure a more secure and flexible cloud environment, we are AWS Advanced Partners

Since 2017, together with Amazon, we make things happen and deliver results to companies like yours.

In addition, we have highly qualified and specialized professionals trained by AWS, and we have the Amazon quality seal.


What Our Clients Say

A empresa Algar Tech é referência e tem um padrão muito qualificado e refinado de recrutamento e também de atendimento.

Os serviços são entregues com altíssimo grau de qualidade, sempre proativos e compromissados com as demandas da equipe.


Empresa do setor financeiro

Time atento aos KPIs, propondo novas soluções, entrando em contato com o cliente e apoiando nas necessidades da Empresa.

Empresa do setor de logística

Qualidade do serviço prestado, organização, comprometimento da equipe técnica e dos gestores.

Empresa do setor de papel e celulose

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